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Through our business labs you will be able to gain a better understanding of the key drivers of your business, important factors of success and failure of business.

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Our online business advisory tool helps with your understanding of the business needs and understanding for increasing wealth and profitability of of your organisation.

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Comprehensive documentation does not need to be complex, it needs to be understandable.

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Local Knowledge technology knowledge, we are able to provide your business with the skills, experience and expertise to compete.

The World Is Changing And Your Business Requires A Firm To Change With Your Ideas

Local Knowledge is a firm that believes in constant change, from changes in taxation, accounting demands, business advisory, technology, finance, investments, corporate advisory. From learning through to development and guidance. Talk to us about your changing requirements.

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Let Us Help With Providing Advisory For Your Business Idea

Through the Local Knowledge business lab we are able to assist you with accounting, taxation, business advisory, corporate governance, due diligence, financing, capital structures plus many more aspects for your business. We even assist with the intellectual property and the enhancements of your ideas.

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It can be hard for you to know how to choose the best adviser for your business and finances based on what you pay them. Is it cheap the best? It might mean cheap services and you will only have yourself to blame. Is it very expensive the best? There is no guarantee that the most expensive is the best and even if there is, you may not be able to afford that kind of service. Therefore, the best thing for you is to talk to as many advisers as possible and then start narrowing the list down according to the skills they offer, the number of years that they have been in the business and the charges.

Starting up a business is challenging. This is especially so for an inexperienced entrepreneur. It requires strong determination and hard work. It requires planning and making key decisions that affect the business.

An entrepreneur should have a business idea which to build on. Based on this idea, he or she should do research on the area of marketing. This is to find out about the target market and the customers available.

Local Knowledge can assist you with your business accounting needs. Our approach to accounting is similar to driving a car. Looking out the rear vision mirror is where you have been, this is the most common type of accounting that includes your annual tax return and annual financial statements. However Local Knowledge can assist you by navigating where you want to go to. We can assist with cash flow forecasting, financial analysis, establishment and management of budgets.

Let Local Knowledge help you with your journey from where you have been and to your destination goals.

Local Knowledge can assist you with your advisory needs.

It is advisable that before you start a business, you should have a plan. This should be in form of a business plan that should address all the areas of the business. The plan defines the direction for the business while addressing all the critical areas such as financing and marketing.

With a business plan, you can deal with the issues of marketing by doing a thorough market research. This will help you in identifying your target market and target customers. You will also analyze your competition and the advantage you have against them. You also give your financial projections and this can show you whether your business will be successful or not.

Most entrepreneurs start up a business without a plan. They only act on their business idea without a defined direction. This puts them on a direct road to failure.

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As a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA), specialist in Financial Planning (FPS), Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and registered tax agent, we are able to provide our clients with a high level of service, experience and industry expertise.

Local Knowledge operates and manages as a Team.

We carefully undertake interviews with all potential clients to understand their needs, requirements, management style, direction and plans to ensure we are able to match what is required.

Our initial discussion is free if you wish to consider Local Knowledge as your Business Advisor, Accountant and Tax Agent.

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We will consider your requirements from the interview and provide you with our solution of what we can undertake for you.


Local Knowledge once engaged will manage the tasks and requirements that we have agreed to achieve from your accounting, advisory and taxation


One of our most important tasks is control of the overall process, We will utilise our experience to help manage your expectations as they change and mature.