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At Local Knowledge we understand the position founders, entrepreneurs and owners feel when they decide to consider the question of unlisted vs listed. Having participated in both sides over the past 35 years, the decision to be part of a listed company becomes more emotional than staying with the unlisted structure. That is why we created Local Knowledge.

Local Knowledge provides the resources, insights and guidance that provides business with all the resources and support to function with great corporate governance with the flexibility, transparency and control of an unlisted company. Having undertaken the corporate secretarial, governance and compliance of both unlisted and unlisted, we recognise that there are no shortcuts. Both situations involve the same due diligence.

Then you ask what is the most significant difference between having my business as an unlisted company vs listed company. This is many cases is the liquidity of shareholdings and the demand for the market to show an easy, simple and transparent and authentic way of showing price transparency.

With now greater scrutiny across all asset classes whether listed or unlisted, it is important that all corporate governance is maintained in a fit and proper manner.

This is where Local Knowledge can assist companies with the use of business technology we are able to provide the transparency, authenticity and immutable record keeping to ensure that your unlisted company can perform and function and maintain good corporate governance the same as required by listed companies.

Our Approach

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new opportunities and approaches:

Bringing It Together

Once the right plan has been created for a company we work with them at creating a strategy that allows the plan to work. We look at the environmental factors of our clients and make recommendations about steps which can be taken to move in the right direction.

Corporate Solutions

Is your business expanding and you require additional finance for equipment? Do you have a business plan for future expansion including new product lines, enhanced operations, handling sales increases? Local Knowledge can assist you with your accounting, taxation and business advisory that provides lenders with the insights to assess your opportunities for finance. Our experienced team provides you with the guidance, intelligence and process. We leverage the three major software providers of Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks combined with our proprietary solutions that we have developed of Art of Start® and iBOP®.

Our tailored approach to providing our clients with a intelligent and forward thinking solution for business leveraging data as your intellectual property asset.

How important is intellectual property to your business? Very important. From trademarks, brands, patents, copyright, domain names and trade secrets it is all part of the valuable assets of your business. All business have some sort of intellectual property and it critical that it readily identifiable, managed, commercialised, controlled and appreciated.

Local Knowledge strongly supports the importance of intellectual property within a business and recognises the process, operations and corporate governance that makes it a valuable competitive asset. To provide our clients with the support that is needed, MyMoney has created a specialised service and solution four clients called MyKnowledgeMark®. Local Knowledge works closely with our clients to ensure that intellectual property is an important and valuable asset to the business. With our dynamic process of identification, management and corporatisation of intellectual property we provide the critical insight into valuation.

Are you at risk of a cyber attack? Is your business already being threatened? Is your cyber security sufficient enough to minimise and reduce the financial, market and corporate vulnerability?

If you have a cybersecurity strategy then great. Keep it up to date, keep managing and utilise it as a corporate asset of the business. When looking to raise new capital, creating secondary market liquidity or the possibility of a trade sale or maybe a listing on a Stock Exchange, the business will need to ensure that they a robust, manageable and detailed cybersecurity procedure and policy.

Why do you ask? In the event, a cyber attack occurs while you are undergoing any corporate activity from raising to due diligence or listing the process will have to cease to update potential investors, buyers and regulators will want to know the financial impact and breach of any private data. Confidence will be reduced, the damage needs to be assessed and rectification of any breaches.

MyMoney understands cyber risk. We have established a dedicated company called BCyber® just for the role and job. As a dedicated cybersecurity business, the company has access to specialised cybersecurity insurance, technologist and market leading software specialist. We recognise cybersecurity is important and want to identify this as both a strength and weakness for business. Our team is ready to help you.

Have you thought what is the best alternative for you as a business owner, founder, entrepreneur and for your shareholders? Do you know and follow what options are available to you? Maybe raise more capital, maybe raise unsecured debt, how about secured debt? what about convertible notes? what about special purpose vehicles? Many scenarios are available and need to be considered by the business owner in an unlisted corporation.

Local Knowledge has developed assessment process, methodology and programs to assist with capturing information that allows a better insight into the business. Our programs include InvestorView®, InvestmentView®, Local Knowledge Global Innovation® and iBOP® Methodology.

"Local Knowledge – we help companies assess their skills, corporate governance and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively by leveraging our skills in accounting, taxation and business advisory.."

Businesses Love Local Knowledge

Thousands of people have been using Local Knowledge to market smarter. Get a clear picture of what they are doing, and hear what they have to say.

The Local Knowledge really helped us leverage and understand our client's needs, but allowed us to respond to what they wanted rather than what we thought they wanted.

Jonathan Simpson Lead Manager

Local Knowledge has been very helpful in making it easy to build and deploy bots. With Ding we are able to engage more users than before on multiple channels.

George Lucas VP - IT

Local Knowledge is a very robust and easy-to-use multichannel platform. Their great service, unique technical flexibility makes everything possible without the need for in-depth development expertise and a highly flexible off-the-shelf solution.

Julie Walters CEO