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Are you wanting to build and enhance your brand?

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Are you wanting to build and enhance your brand?

There is now widespread acceptance that brands play an important role in generating and sustaining the financial performance of businesses. With high levels of competition and excess capacity in virtually every industry, strong brands help companies differentiate themselves in the market and communicate why their products and services are uniquely able to satisfy customer needs.

From a recent survey undertaken by the Online Publishers Association in June 2007, of 1,422 online video users, over 40% of those surveyed watch online videos at least weekly and over 70% watched online videos monthly. From the survey 84% watch News and Current events at least monthly with 61% watching several times per month.

The respondents to the survey, 80% who saw a video advertisement, 31% checked out the companies website, 22% searched for information about the product, and 16% purchased.

Local Knowledge has the experience and expertise to assist your organisation develop and enhance your organisational brands and profile. Intellectual Property is often the edge which sets successful companies apart and as world markets become increasingly competitive, developing your brand becomes essential. We are able to provide professional digital production of your corporate advertisement and company profile to manage, build and strengthen your brand.

The difference with Local Knowledge is that we are not an advertising organisation selling advertising. We are a consulting and advisory firm that understands the importance of  intellectual property from the development, management and value building side in addition to understanding the

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