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Start ups and Founders

Local Knowledge understands the entrepreneur and founder. Our focus from the beginning has been to support founders and entrepreneurs with not just the accounting and taxation, but provide the insight, guidance, intelligence and experience. From the creation and establishment of a business through to the exit and everything in between, the team at Local Knowledge not just focuses on what an accounting practice undertakes but also what a business needs to consider to be successful.

From the development of our own proprietary programs of Art of Start®, iBOP® and Qrazy® we are able to assist business from the day they start to the day they want to exit.

solutions for expansion

Market Knowledge

Reading about the impacts on business is only part of the answer. Application to real example is where the team at Local Knowledge can assist your business from first hand experience in establishing the business through to exit.

Continual Development

Local Knowledge goal and approach is for continual development. Not only in accounting and taxation that you would expect from a professional accounting practice but we continually look for development in technology, marketing, sales, social media, finance and real estate.


Leveraging technology resources is now a given in business. From the selection of an email solution, cloud storage, accounting software, anti virus solutions, computers, laptops and tablets. Today’s world is now integrated and client expect performance.


Communication with your professional adviser no longer needs to be just by email. Local Knowledge leverages and utilises video conference calls, instant chat, social media feeds, ongoing newsletters. With access to high speed fibre internet we are able to provide the speed of communication to gets answers fast.

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