At Local Knowledge we understand the position of unlisted asset owners.

With over 30 years of international experience undertaking the accounting, operations, taxation and technology, our team understands the complexity of managing unlisted assets. From recognition of value, through to ability to extract value from the assets.

Bringing It Together

Once the right plan has been for the unlisted asset and the proposed structure as being closed or open-ended, category of investment, type of investment, existing vs new assets, our building template has been created from over 30 years global experience with various asset types and structures.

Our Approach

MyMoney is not trying to eliminate the process, we are just trying to make it more efficient, transparent with authentication to provide the level of confidence required. Our Blockchain solution called BlockX provides a centralised platform for the management of the corporate registry of the company, trust unit holders registers. Our solution provides in a central location the following:

The end-to-end security tokenisation platform. Our tokenisation platform handles all aspects of issuance, transfers, and managing custody of security tokens and wallets. BlockX platform is focused entirely on making it as easy as possible for companies to tokenise their shares on the blockchain. All tokens are ERC-20 compliant, and configurable to support all other standards.

Corporate Solutions

Do you have unlisted assets that you want to create a new structure? extract value, divest or manage externally? Maybe you have residential, industrial or commercial real estate that you would like to sell fully or partially?

MyMoney can assist you with your capital raising. Our experienced team provides you with the guidance, intelligence and process. Our approach is not using Crowdfunding from retail investors. Our approach is to introduce your structure, investment objective and mandate to wholesale, sophisticated, professional and institutional investors only.

Our team can work with your existing professional team or we are able to provide you with introductions to teams that we have worked with in the past. Utilising a tailored process built around our due diligence and project management provides confidence for our clients.


Are you wanting to create a new business model for your business by selling fully or partially unlisted assets you manage or own? Do you want to generate liquidity or sell smaller parcels of unlisted assets you own? Then a solution is now available.

MyMoney through access to BlockX is able to provide access to liquidity tool functionality through our blockchain solution. Our solution provides a trading hub for unlisted assets between invited only participants. This is not an exchange as you know it or a market-making exchange. Our solution is by invite only and the investment manager and board determine the price based upon an agreed and indicative process. The share, unit or tokenised transfer is updated and proceeds of funds made available within easily understood commercial terms.

Are you wanting to leverage your expertise and management skills for managing assets? Maybe you dont want to seel your business but are prepared to sell some of the assets? Want to sell part of property development? landholding, subdivision? Then solutions are now available to recognise your expertise.

MyMoney strongly supports the importance of intellectual property to recognise your asset and investment management skills. To provide our clients with the support that is needed, MyMoney has created a specialised service and solution four clients called MyKnowledgeMark®. MyMoney works closely with our clients to ensure that intellectual property is an important and valuable asset to the business. With our dynamic process of identification, management and corporatisation of intellectual property we provide the critical insight into valuation

Are you at risk of a cyber attack? Is your business already being threatened? Is your cyber security sufficient enough to minimise and reduce the financial, market and corporate vulnerability?

If you have a cybersecurity strategy then great. Keep it up to date, keep managing and utilise it as a corporate asset of the business. When looking to raise new capital, creating secondary market liquidity or the possibility of a trade sale or maybe a listing on a Stock Exchange, the business will need to ensure that they a robust, manageable and detailed cybersecurity procedure and policy.

Why do you ask? In the event, a cyber attack occurs while you are undergoing any corporate activity from raising to due diligence or listing the process will have to cease to update potential investors, buyers and regulators will want to know the financial impact and breach of any private data. Confidence will be reduced, the damage needs to be assessed and rectification of any breaches.

MyMoney understands cyber risk. We have established a dedicated company called BCyber® just for the role and job. As a dedicated cybersecurity business, the company has access to specialised cybersecurity insurance, technologist and market leading software specialist. We recognise cybersecurity is important and want to identify this as both a strength and weakness for business. Our team is ready to help you.

Have you thought what is the best alternative for you as a business owner, founder, entrepreneur and for your shareholders? Do you know and follow what options are available to you? Maybe raise more capital, maybe raise unsecured debt, how about secured debt? what about convertible notes? what about special purpose vehicles? cornerstone investors? strategic investors? active vs passive investors? Many scenarios are available and need to be considered by the business owner in an unlisted corporation.

MyMoney has developed assessment process, methodology and programs to assist with capturing information that allows a better insight into the business. Our programs include InvestorView®, InvestmentView®, Local Knowledge Global Innovation® and iBOP® Methodology.

Why Blockchain? The question needs an answer.

MyMoney strongly believes and supports the process of using Blockchain to help manage unlisted assets. The reason for the support is as follows and is based upon the existing structure currently utilised. Our goal is to improve and enhance the existing process and approach.

The current approach

In managing unlisted assets many unjoined parts of the register are stored and maintained. The trust deed and management agreement are usually at the accountant’s office, the paper copy folder trust deed or register is either at the accountant’s office, companies office or maybe at the founders home. The shareholder or unit holders register is maintained online or with the accountant, maybe any updates to the register may not be reflected in the folder whether that be maintained by the owner or accountant. Minutes of meetings, circular resolutions are also maintained by word documents and PDF files that are either stored by hard copy, at the company or at the accountant. What about the company certificate of registration in the corporate folder, office or accountant? How about witnessing and authentication of original documents? Trust deeds? Do you need to print out all the documents then scan? How do you know how much each share tranche was purchased at? and by which shareholder? can you also manage employee stock options? or is this undertaken via an excel spreadsheet?

Capital raisings also can create difficulty for unlisted assets, version controls for pitch documents, offer documentation authenticity, centralised processing and updating?

" MyMoney – we help companies provide liquidity, management and governance for their unlisted assets. With international experience in managing capital raisings and operations our team can provide the insights today for tomorrow’s guidance."

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Local Knowledge is a very robust and easy-to-use multichannel platform. Their great service, unique technical flexibility makes everything possible without the need for in-depth development expertise and a highly flexible off-the-shelf solution.

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