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why chatbots maybe your best friend

Chatbots are generally programs that try to mimic human conversations in order to maintain a conversation with a customer. Chatbots have come a long way since ELIZA, the first chatbot, hit the market in 1966. With the advancement of AI, chatbots have become smoother and more intuitive. Now you can automate tasks, have smart conversations, make decisions, and deliver results. Conversational AI is becoming increasingly popular among companies looking to improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots are essential tools and increase business efficiency through repetitive automated tasks. With nearly 1.4 billion people and businesses already using chatbots for websites, there is no doubt that chatbot AI is critical. But have you ever wondered how these robots work? Chatbots are applications with query strings, APIs, databases, and a chat user interface. They work together to help the AI of the chatbot understand customer questions and respond accordingly. AI chatbots and rule-based chatbots how are they different? 

Rule-based chatbots: These chatbots identify specific keywords in your search and then respond based on those keywords. They are mainly used to answer frequently asked questions. The answers are known and recorded in advance. These trading chatbots cannot answer questions already in the database. 

AI-powered chatbots: These are modern AI-based chatbots that combine chatbots based on the rules used by cloud networks to solve messaging problems. These messaging chatbots use machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create conversational AI. He can understand the user’s preferences and even remember previous conversations to provide the best context for each question. 

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